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Royal Body Care
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This revolutionary product helps reduce free radicals like no other nutritional supplement in the world! Measured with the ORP (oxidation reduction potential) meter, it is the most powerful antioxidant. In living tissue studies, Microhydrin? increases NADH, which is the precursor to ATP, making Microhydrin an energy source with no added calories.

Each capsule of Microhydrin contains 300 mg of nanocolloidal silicate mineral, a compound of silica and hydrogen anions that contain loosely bound extra electrons. The extra electron is freely given to neutralize free radicals, rendering them harmless.

Acute oral toxicity tests performed by an independent laboratory show no observable toxicity up to an extremely high dose of 5 gm/kg of body weight. This is equivalent to over 1000 capsules in a person weighing 150 pounds and is far greater than the suggested dosage of one to four capsules, indicating that Microhydrin is an extremely safe antioxidant.

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